The Series

Domestic space and my relationship with it has always been a recurring theme in all my work. So has been the constant allusion to natural space.

The search for small natures within the home as a symbol of a damaged domesticity was my starting point.

The house, associated with the romantic idea of well-being, comfort or protection, is interrupted by a circumstance that turns it upside down.

An event that, like an atmospheric phenomenon in nature, suddenly and uncontrollably intrudes into our home and turns it into an insecure, inhospitable and nullifying place. Our home becomes an aggressive space over which we lose control. It is we who belong to it and not it to us.

On a formal level, all this translates into a series of works, mostly assemblages, where, using play as a way of working and the book as a domestic element of pretext, I create these “domestic natures”. Books that twist, intermingle, reveal themselves and expand, creating movements and forms typical of the natural.

It is my way of representing the storms, hurricanes or tempests that we experience in the intimacy and solitude of our home.

The house reveals itself and I give myself to it.

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