Javier Velarde - Plastic artist and carpet designer
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Javier Velarde is a visual artist and carpet designer who works from Pontones, a small village in Cantabria. His work is composed of collections of carpets and artwork that dialogue with each other and blur the borders between the functional and the artistic object.


This collection arises as a consequence of my work in the Collage, an assemblage of dyed papers that are superimposed and create beautiful fields of color that transcend the domestic and bring us closer to the natural.

Estratos Reedition

This Collection is again inspired by my assemblies and ranges from monochrome rugs to a multi-coloured version with a palette of 41 colours.
The Workshop in Pontones

A space that brings me even closer to everything that inspires me and makes me so happy

"I like to create pieces that blur the boundaries between the artistic and the functional object"

Exhibition at C.C Tabacalera of Santander

The Romantic landscape inspires this exhibition, bringing its wildest, most unpredictable and beautiful side to the world of the everyday, the intimate and the domestic.

Visite Privée by Raoul Sánchez

In the vibrant city of Zurich, one of the arcades of the old viaduct has been converted into a beautiful shop and interior design studio. Both spaces choose a careful and exquisite selection of furniture and art in constant change.
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